Network Meeting Canceled

Message from the NetCom:

Dear Antennae,

Due to some unfortunate coincidence of dates of the NWM with other relevant events in different parts of our network, the announced date of the NWM had to be modified. These events were the European Event of AEGEE-Valencia for Fallas, the Animfac meeting in Paris of which AEGEE-Paris is an official host, and other small events like AEGEE-León goes to Brussels and an exchange in Toulouse. Especially the first two are very relevant because they are either European Events or linked to the strategy for Youth Forums.

Following with the unfortunate thread, then AEGEE-Zaragoza availability of dates did not allow them to host the NWM on the new dates. Therefore, we have been forced to change the dates AND the location of the NWM. We were lucky that the three applications were good enough to be elected, so we just had to consult the other antennae to see if they could still take the challenge. Thanks to AEGEE-Burgos and AEGEE-Oviedo for being available and answer in such a short time.

As a result of this consultation, the new dates and location of the NWM are:

AEGEE-Burgos in April, 13-15th

We would like to thank all the three involved antennae for their flexibility, making a priority of having this NWM a big success for all the network. We really appreaciate the understanding of Zaragoza, and we want to thank them all for their efforts. It has been really a hard decision as we know how hard they had worked, and how enthusiastic their team was doing the things. We hope they can host us soon in Tarazona or in Jaca. Thanks, AEGEE-Zaragoza, because we had no other option and you have cooperated so well.

Finally, there are other antennae that also have set their own local events on stand by until we have finally decided the dates of the NWM. We also want to thank them for being so patient and we hope this change is not causing a lot of trouble in your local level.

We are aware that we made a mistake when announcing the dates, and we are responsible for causing a lot of chaos just by not being aware of all the events that other antennae were involved at during the weekend of March 17-18. We want to apologize for all the trouble caused and as we learn from our mistakes, we are thinking to create a common calendar where all the events, local and european, are included. But this is another story.

Your NetCom Team 4.0