Peer Student – Buddy Pair Program

Peer-Programme / Buddy Pair Program / PROGRAMA TUTOR

… What’s that?

On your way to Zaragoza*? Or already an old hand at being a student in Zaragoza*? We want to arrange peers for all new arrivals in Zaragoza*! It’s worth for the old hands, as they speak your language … or at least want to speak it : -)

The International Buddy Pair Programme of the University of Zaragoza gives the opportunity each semester to students from all over the world to have been greeted and accompanied through the first stages here in Zaragoza by their peer-students.

This approximately exchange students from Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, France, Hungary, Lithuania (just to mention a few) have sought and found a peer student.

Next semester around 600 exchange students are expected and in addition to these are the international students who will be studying for a full degree. We want to be able to provide all of these students with a peer partner.

So, come on … get involved!


I want to be a Peer Student (TUTOR ERASMUS**, for Spanish People):  click here

I want find a Peer Student (for Erasmus** People): click here


(spanish version)

Si eres un estudiante Erasmus** y durante este curso 2010-2011 quieres tener a un estudiante de Zaragoza* que te ayude las primeras semanas del curso para orientarte en tu nueva ciudad. O si simplemente te gustaría practicar español con él puedes rellenar nuestro formulario, que se encuentra en el siguiente link: here

Si eres un socio de AEGEE-Zaragoza, y quieres que te asignemos a un Erasmus** para ser su tutor Erasmus** y ayudarle en los siguientes aspectos, por favor rellena el siguiente formulario: here



* also if you study in Teruel, Huesca, Jaca or La Almunia you can be Peer Student (if you are a spanish student) or you cand find a Peer Student (if you are an Erasmus student)

** Always that we use the word ERASMUS we are including all kind of exchange program (America, etc…)