TransIBERIAN Jamón Express 2009 Program & Info

 The TSU starts in Madrid, Saturday 18th (We expect your arrival during all the day) and ends in Barcelona Tuesday 4th (The day you are leaving)

Youth Hostel at Madrid: Richard Schirmann Youth Hostel, Casa de Campo s/n, 28011, Madrid.

We have already booked 10 beds for «early-arriving» partipants for 17th July

Plane Tickets Copy: In order to be sure that you are coming, we need you to send a copy of your plane tickets before 11th June to If you can’t confirm your attendance before this date we will offer your place to one person of our waiting list.(Every year some people doesn’t appears and that means for us a waste of money)

 Confirmed Participants:

 N  Name  Local  VISA ??  Needs bed for 17th July          Plane tickets Copy Sent


 Zoltán Bakonyi  AEGEE-Budapest    BED number 1 YES
 2  Liudmila Demchinskaya  AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg  Needs VISA   YES
 3  Dejan Vrzel  AEGEE-Maribor     YES
 4  Fanda Hons  AEGEE-Plzen     YES
 5  Ronald Alexander Indra  AEGEE-Delft     YES
 6  Carole Van Tinteren  AEGEE-Utrecht     YES
 7  Barbora Nahlikova  AEGEE-Bratislava    BED number 3 YES
 8  Eszter Szollosi  AEGEE-Pécs    BED number 5 YES
 9  Lukas Holas  AEGEE-Bratislava     YES
 10  Olga Chorna  AEGEE-Kyïv  Needs Visa   YES
 11  Krisztina Palfy  AEGEE-Budapest    BED number 6 YES
 12  Francesca Genchi  AEGEE-Bari     YES
 13  Ádám Mátray  AEGEE-Budapest    BED number 2 YES
 14  Adrienn Szijártó  AEGEE-Pécs    BED number 4 YES
 15  Michael Flotzinger  AEGEE-Wien     YES
 16   Jorrit Van Rijn  AEGEE-Leiden     YES
 17  Sofia Goula  AEGEE-Peiraiás      YES
 18  Tess Beking  AEGEE-Groningen    BED number 7  YES
 19  Elena Tzoulia  AEGEE-Athina     YES
 20  Bostjan Kovac  AEGEE-Maribor     YES
 21  Alice Sanna  AEGEE-Cagliari    BED number 10  YES
 22  Lisa Schleifenlehner  AEGEE-Wien      YES
 23  Sahin Toklu  AEGEE-Izmir    BED number 8  YES
 24  Liisi Nõgu  AEGEE-Tartu    BED number 9 YES
 25  Tatiana Dolinska  AEGEE-Praha      YES



 x  Day  Date  Main Activity, Program…
 Where are we going to sleep??
 1  Saturday  18  Arrival day, welcome party  Madrid, Youth Hostel
 2  Sunday  19  Madrid  Madrid, Youth Hostel


 20  Madrid  Madrid, Youth Hostel
 4  Tuesday  21  Trip Madrid – Toledo – Madrid  Madrid, Youth Hostel
 5  Wednesday  22  Trip Madrid-Albarracín-Zaragoza  Zaragoza, Shared Flat
 6  Thursday  23  City tour + European night  Zaragoza, Shared Flat
 7  Friday  24  sleeping/free time+ swim + Night Bike city tour  Zaragoza, Shared Flat
 8  Saturday  25  Galacho de Juslibol Trip  Zaragoza, Shared Flat
 9  Sunday  26  Trip Zaragoza – Loarre Castle – Jaca  Jaca, Shared Flat
 10  Monday  27  Rafting  Jaca, Shared Flat
 11  Tuesday  28  Guixa Cave + Swimming  and/or trip into the forest  Jaca, Shared Flat
 12  Wednesday  29  Trip Jaca – Altafulla Beach – Tarragona  Tarragona, Hostel
 13  Thursday  30    Tarragona, Hostel
 14  Friday  31    Barcelona, Gym
 15  Saturday  1    Barcelona, Gym
 16  Sunday  2    Barcelona, Gym
 17  Monday  3  Goodbye Party  Barcelona, Gym
 18  Tuesday  4  Departure day, See you in Europe!!!  XXXXXXXXXXXXX